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Customs Regulations in Russia

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Customs Regulations in Russia

IMPORT DUTY ESTIMATE: in order to estimate import duty amount, the Moscow office needs to receive a copy of the shipment inventory and know the exact shipment weight.

PAYMENT METHOD: the destination agent can prepay the import duty on the customer�s behalf in most cases. The booking agent needs to confirm the party responsible for the import duty prior to final delivery.


Certain items are classed as "items of cultural value" by Russian customs and are necessary to register for import. These items include:

  • Paintings;

  • Hand-made carpets;

  • Musical instruments (except for electrical ones);

  • Samovars (except for electrical ones);

  • Icons;

  • Collectibles (stamps, postcards, coins etc.);

  • Any items over 50 years old.

In order to register the customer�s artwork, the destination agent requires two color photographs of each item and a list specifying the following information:

  • Item name and description;

  • Date and place of manufacture;

  • Date and place of purchase;

  • Dimensions (paintings and carpets only).

The above documentation needs to be sent to the destination agent before the shipment arrives in Russia. If the customer has such items, they should consult with the destination agent to ensure documentation is completed correctly.


Diplomats may import a vehicle duty free. Non-diplomats must pay import duties when importing a vehicle. For specific requirements regarding importation of vehicles, please contact the destination agent office.



TD-10 form needs to be completed by all non-diplomatic customers.

A separate TD-10 customs form has to be filled out prior to the customer�s arrival in Russia.

When passing Russian customs at the airport, the customer has to proceed to RED CHANNEL. The customer needs to ask the Russian Customs officer to sign and stamp the TD-10 form.

Customer must have a copy of the shipment inventory handy when he or she passes the Russian customs checkpoint at the airport of entry. Russian customs can ask to see the shipment inventory before approving the customs TD-10 form.


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